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The Battle for Brains: Why is EU the Loser?

by Petar Cimentarov, 9 September 2014

High-skilled migrants are a scarce resource for which countries worldwide should be fighting. Here is why. They contribute not only to the GDP of the host country, but also to its budget by paying high taxes on their generally high salaries. In addition, bright and skilled migrants are a tool for useful knowledge diffusion in society and for putting competitive pressure on the local workforce. Last but not least, immigration raises the level of innovation in receiving countries. In other words, the beneficial social welfare effects of high-skilled migration for the host country are numerous and undisputed. So, how is the EU performing in attracting high-skilled workforce?


Source: Opulentus, 2013

“We should take more account of what statistics tell us: 85% of unskilled labour goes to the EU and only 5% to the USA, whereas 55% of skilled labour goes to the USA and only 5% to the EU. We have to reverse these figures with a new vision, and that calls for new tools. And we are starting to have those new tools.” (Franco Frattini)

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EU-US Trade Agreement: Turkey as the ‚odd one out’?

By Jacqueline Breidlid

Benefits of a possible EU-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA) are widely believed to be high. Mutual trade liberalisation would boost exports on both sides and could, according to Barroso, act as a “game changer” with regard to the current financial crisis. Yet for one player, ongoing negotiations have rung an alarm bell: Turkey.

Turkey has been a member of the Customs Union since 1995 and since then benefited from free circulation of industrial goods between itself and the EU internal market. The Customs Union however also meant that it had to, not only adopt the external tariff of the EU, but also to bring its trade policy in line with that of the EU. This again implies that every time the EU concludes an FTA with another party, Turkey has to negotiate a similar agreement with the same party…  and that without having a say in the decision-making leading up to the conclusion of the FTA or a guarantee that the other party is actually interested in negotiating an extra-FTA with Turkey.

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The United States and the EU’s Broader Neighbourhood

The following offers a summary of the high-level lecture with Dr. Ian Lesser, Executive Director of the German Marshall Fund’s Transatlantic Center, organised by the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy Studies at the College of Europe on 25 October 2012.

Following a brief presentation of the German Marshall Fund, Ian Lesser introduced his lecture by emphasising that the United States (US), contrary to the European Union (EU), has a global power perspective on the Middle-Eastern and North African (MENA) regions. His remarks were subsequently structured around three main points. Continue reading