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What does the Italian government need to remain viable?

This post was written for the Winter Issue of the World Policy Journal, which is entitled “Europe Under Fire” and analyzed the struggle for unity in Europe. Each issue begins with the Big Question: an overarching question that frames the magazine and provides insight into the long form pieces to come. In this issue focusing on Europe, the Big Question was: “What does your government need to remain viable?”; They asked David about Italy; below his short answer.
In the same article “The Big Question: The Throes of an Identity Crisis”, you may also find the much more relevant commentary by Prof. Yanis Varoufakis on Greece.

Italy: In Need of Cultural Revolution

Italian stagnation is worrisome. Socioeconomic conditions are hardly sustainable, and the political opportunity to implement reforms in the immediate aftermath of the crisis has been wasted.

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The ECB monetary policy dilemma

There is in Europe a widespread contempt in judging the ECB’s current monetary policy decisions, almost as if virtually any economist, analyst, student or politician could fare better than a panel of respected central bankers. Continue reading