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Already 100 days for EU foreign policy under the leadership of Federica Mogherini. What has changed so far?

Infographic source: EEAS, http://eeas.europa.eu/top_stories/2015/infographic-100-days-mandate_en.htm

By Damien Helly

The style of EU Foreign and security policy has already changed: Europe’s face is younger, more energetic, and often appears firmer than it did a year ago. The stronger synergies between development and other external policies are expectedly less visible with a European agenda highly dominated by security crises. Yet the attitude is new: more self-assured and visible than Cathy Ashton, who reportedly hardly ever made public statements without preparation or a spokesperson by her side. Mogherini’s almost relaxed attitude – sometimes using her personal political charisma if not charm – and as her rather tough statements on the need for reforms in Ukraine during her press conference in Kyiv, contrast with her predecessor’s more discreet and measured tone. Mogherini does not hesitate to add a personal touch to her public statements – including on social media -which also seem to become more frequent and more assertive: Europe has found a voice. Continue reading

The European Private Sector to Steer Development in Africa

European Development Days AgendaWhether to give priority to the economic development of the private sector or to focus the attention, i.e. the international assistance, on the development of the public sector in developing countries has always been one of the dilemmas of the development agenda. There is a growing consensus that priority should be given to the private sector but at the same time attention should be devoted to the development of the capacity of the public sector to regulate and enforce corruption-free policies. Yet, a proper development strategy needs both pillars – public and private investment – to be strengthened and enhanced.

The involvement of European and American private sector is increasing and businesses from the developed world come out with more and more funds and project for development. Continue reading