Guidelines & disclaimer

Rationale of ‘Europe is talking’

Europe is talking is the blog of the College of Europe community. Its aim is to be a forum for discussion of European affairs by the members of this community – students, professors, academic assistants, alumni and guest speakers – and with the general public. All authors must sign their contributions with their real name and are individually responsible for their contributions. By contributing to the blog authors accept not to use forged or manipulated data and confirm that they are submitting an original contribution or else that they quote the original source. Inadequate posts or anonymous posts or posts containing offensive or racist language, will be removed by the administrators without prior notice.

Style guidelines

The blog aims to engage the College community but also a general public, it is thus advisable to write in a direct style and to provide background information on the political, socio-economic or historical context.

  1. The blog working languages are French and English. Articles must respect the language orthographical and typographical rules.
  2. Use a clear and lively language.
  3. Ensure that the data you use are precise and accurate, and acknowledge their origin.
  4. Provide sufficient academic and well-defined arguments for your statements.
  5. Avoid language making implicit assumptions, it may not be accessible to those unfamiliar with the field.
  6. Make the name of any acronyms explicit: WTO (World Trade Organization).
  7. Use hyperlinks to provide sources and to refer to articles that you comment upon.
  8. Authors are responsible to use images which are freely available or for which the College or the author owns the copyright.
  9. Use Arial 11, align text to the left.

Content of the articles

Title: it must make the article attractive. Extent: 4000 characters maximum (including spaces). Category and tags: Every article has to be assigned to one of the existing categories of the blog (European Economics, European Law, European Politics, Europe in the World). Furthermore, authors must design between 3 and 5 keywords (‘tags’) that can be used by readers to track all the content of the blog in relation to that topic.


Because the College does not establish the editorial line of this blog, it cannot and will not assume responsibility for its contents. Nevertheless, the College reserves the right to reject and/or remove, without prior warning, any inappropriate content or any content not meeting these guidelines.

The authors retain the copyright of their contributions and remain solely responsible for any contents they post on the blog.

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