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Agriculture in trade policy : a change is gonna come?

Trade policy and especially the fear that trade negotiations between the EU and the United States could undermine European standards on food safety was one of the most contentious issues discussed during the recent European elections campaign.

To understand the saliency of this issue, it is important to recall that the EU is currently negotiating both a multilateral trade agreement in the WTO as well as preferential trade agreements (PTAs) with several of its trading partners, especially one with the United States.

Most scholars agree that international trade is characterized by a form of agricultural exceptionalism: there is a gap between the diminishing economic importance of agriculture and the persistent stalemate over agricultural subsidies in multilateral negotiations. Indeed, despite the entry into force of the 1994 Agreement on Agriculture developed countries still apply high tariffs on agricultural imports (45% on average).

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Our Future

The actual creation of the E.U., was one of the most brilliant ideas ever conceived by a human mind in the history of the last 70 years.

Europe, a continent where many evidences show that it is the place that the first modern human inhabited, has suffered from lengthy and extremely unnecessary “turbulences” throughout its history.
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