Found in Translation: Fake Friends on a Mission Impossible

EU Perspectives

Listening to some Brits (though by no means all) during debates in Brussels is rather like witnessing a bunch of party-poopers crashing the party. Whilst everyone else is having a great time, getting full-throttle into the swing of things, ready to pump up the volume, along come these Brits with sombre expressions, long faces and an air of patronising contempt on their faces.

The killjoys question the wisdom of holding a party, give a sermon on the dangers of the excess and admonish the organisers for spending on frivolous pleasures.  Party-poopers are usually vilified for being tedious, unimaginative and dull individuals.

For all of those who value, appreciate and use the English language as native speakers, therefore, one can only hope that these party-poopers are not giving the English language a bad name – particularly since many non-native English speakers in Brussels are opting to speak in English during official…

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About Geert van Calster

Geert is an independent legal practitioner and academic. An alumnus of the College of Europe, Bruges (promotion Stefan Zweig), Prof van Calster is the Head of Leuven Law's department of European and international law. Geert is a visiting professor at Monash University (Melbourne) and at the China-EU School of Law in Beijing, and a visiting lecturer at King's College, London. He was previously i.a. a visiting lecturer at Oxford University. He was called to the Bar in 1999 after having worked as of counsel to a City law firm since 1995, and practices in the areas of Private international law /Conflict of Laws; WTO law; (EU) environmental law; and EU economic law.

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