Kamikaze in an enamel bowl

As always, a great view from Britain IN Europe. Geert.

EU Perspectives

Watching Tories tear themselves apart is disturbing but bizarrely fascinating. Rather like watching spiders fight to the death in a steep enamel bowl or like watching an illegal cock-fight through half-closed eyes, where all that remains at the end of the fight is blood, guts and feathers. One wants to look away but somehow one can’t avert the eyes.

Quick to smell blood and always on the look-out for a good little story is the British media. Why bother talking about the British Prime Minister’s attempts to support a trade agreement with the US when you can make him squirm on the podium next to Barak Obama by grilling him on the EU?

To stick the dagger in deeper, The Times managed to drag a couple of “havebeens” from yester-year out of the wood-work proclaiming why it is vital for the UK to vote no to…

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About Geert van Calster

Geert is an independent legal practitioner and academic. An alumnus of the College of Europe, Bruges (promotion Stefan Zweig), Prof van Calster is the Head of Leuven Law's department of European and international law. Geert is a visiting professor at Monash University (Melbourne) and at the China-EU School of Law in Beijing, and a visiting lecturer at King's College, London. He was previously i.a. a visiting lecturer at Oxford University. He was called to the Bar in 1999 after having worked as of counsel to a City law firm since 1995, and practices in the areas of Private international law /Conflict of Laws; WTO law; (EU) environmental law; and EU economic law.

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