Our House

It was 63 years ago, that Minister Schuman expressed the need for the creation of a new organization of States within Europe.

Since then, various events marked the creation and enlargement of what we today call the “European Union” .

It was not more than 25 years ago, that visitors to Germany, were not able to see Berlin.

It was not more than 20 years ago, that a citizen of a European Union member Country, needed a passport in order to travel to a neighbouring Country.

It was not more than 15 years ago, that it was necessary to exchange our local currencies, so that it will be possible to visit a foreign Country.

All these are parts of our past though.

A past, that those that lived it, are most likely looking back thinking of the endless boundaries that they faced, comparing to all these beautiful moments of freedom, safety and democracy that they have the ability to live today.

We went through hardships, we walked through difficult paths that back at that time seemed endless, but in the end, we reached our common goal which is to get through it and stay together.

The European Debt Crisis, started on a time that it would have been better for every European Citizen to live in financial stability, as that would make things easier to achieve a real consolidation in between the European Union Member Countries and prepare ourselves to welcome new States in our House.

Life does not always brings things as we expect them though.

Pleasant and unpleasant moments, easy and difficult times are part of everyones life . What is most important though in our wavy times, is to stay together .

We have an obligation to do so .

An obligation not only towards all these men that devoted their lives preparing what we have today, but also towards the forthcoming generations .

This diverse, peaceful, safe and democratic place that we live in altogether today though, is not our House.

It is only the House that our children are lending us.

Panagiotis A. Xenos Kokoletsis

2 thoughts on “Our House

  1. luisbouzagarcia

    Thanks Panagiotis for your post. We need to understand our past and I agree that we need to stay together, but simply repeating how great our forefathers were won’t be enough. What does it mean in terms of transfers of sovereignty? In exchange of what? Aren’t we experiencing a clash of democracies that is likely to affect the prosperity of Europe? Can we simply ask the citizens to endure it without offering a clear perspective in return? Here’s an interesting ECFR piece on euroscepticism, everyone in the EU seems to think that they’re worse off. http://ecfr.eu/content/entry/commentary_the_remarkable_rise_of_continental_euroscepticism129

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