More than ever, Europe needs a debate about ideas!

SevanFor the last three years, European Union (EU) bureaucrats, with the general consent of European leaders, have generated a ‘mini revolution’ from Brussels. They have ratified, or soon will, a tremendous number of proposals, against the background of increasing risks related to the ongoing “euro crisis” and the urgent need for an enhanced economic governance.

The purpose of the present article is threefold. First of all, it aims at highlighting the democratic deficit that characterizes current EU’s crisis management. Secondly, it intends to show that the roots of the crisis are to be found in the neoliberal policies of the 80’s, directly inspired by the neoclassical economic theory that has been prevailed in the western world for centuries. Finally, the last section attempts to provide an answer to the essential question of whether or not economic liberalism is part of EU’s DNA, while introducing the cornelian dilemma of progressive Europeans on the purpose of the European construction.

By Sevan Holemans (College of Europe – Václav Havel Promotion)

This contribution was posted on the ARTE Blog: consult here.

One thought on “More than ever, Europe needs a debate about ideas!

  1. Marjan Hendriks

    I have more Ideas than money. How about Europe? We have to share knowledge, working hours, not allow a few to work more than 50 hours a week and others not having jobs at all; we should really accept gender equality and care for all European citizens to live in good basic health and economic standards.


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