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EoB Retrospective – The EU, a (failed) peace actor in the world

EuropeOutsideTheBox_logoWelcome to the first EoB Retrospective, a series of posts looking at our previous debates. We will begin with our debate on “The EU, a (failed) peace actor in the world”. The debate took place in the light of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the European Union (EU) for its contribution to peace in Europe. However, the prize drew several strong criticisms from both academic and civil society observers. As such we considered it a very appropriate topic and it managed to become one of the liveliest exchanges of opinions so far. Continue reading

Penser l’Europe Autrement (Europe outside the Box) – Les débuts

EuropeOutsideTheBox_logoL’année académique 2012-2013 a vu la création d’un club de débat « Penser l’Europe Autrement » (« Europe outside the box »). Géré par des étudiants du département des Études Politiques et Administratives, et ouvert aux étudiants de tous les départements, le club s’est fixé l’objectif de devenir un berceau de débats qui sortent du cadre de réflexions habituelles sur l’Europe. Continue reading

The Cameron Principles and the Future of Europe

Source:, March 6, 2013

Source:, March 6, 2013

In her “Bruges speech” in 1988, the then British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, referred to five principles. Twenty-five years later the current Prime Minister, David Cameron, also structured his recent speech on Europe around five principles. Despite the fact that the two speeches are separated by quarter of a century they have remarkable similarities. The aim of both speeches was to define the role of Britain in the future of Europe. Continue reading